Alex Beltran

Treasurer (Interim)

Alex Beltran began getting involved in politics when she was 17 to help register people to vote at a Route 66 event in San Bernardino. She went on to study History and Film at the University of Southern California. While at USC she joined the College Democrats chapter and had the opportunity to attend her first State Democratic convention. After graduating she returned to the area and joined the San Bernardino County Young Democrats in 2011. Since then she has worked on several local campaigns including Congressional and State Assembly races in various roles including Volunteer Coordinator, Operations Manager, and Data Analyst. Alex was a fellow for the Women’s Policy Institute where she worked with a team on sex education policy in the county. In 2018 she ran for City Council in San Bernardino only to come short by 8 votes. Shortly after Alex became the Inland Empire Regional Director for the California Young Dems and in the 2020 election cycle, volunteered on 12 campaigns across the region. Recently she was elected to be the AD40 Executive Board member to the California Democratic Party and appointed to the Credentials Committee.

Fun Facts

  • Alex has three dogs named Izzy, Binky, and Basil.
  • Alex enjoys baking and acrylic painting.
  • In 2021, Alex traveled to Dallas to donate blood stem cells to someone on the Bone Marrow Registry.