Eddie Sanchez

Vice President (Interim)

In 2009 my best friend passed away due to a preventable workplace accident that was worsened by the lack of health care. My experiences as a young, disenfranchised person of color had frustrated me to the point of action. I got involved in anything that could better people in my community, and through action I was able to learn that effective organizing and campaigning can create change. Through organizing, I experienced electoral victories in 2012 for Yes on Prop 30/No on 32 and successful statewide student-worker strikes in 2013. Understanding the possibilities within organizing, I promised myself to pursue a life of challenging social injustices as an Organizer. I have continued that promise first as an Union Organizer with SEIU 721 for 7 years and now as an Organizer/Trainer with SoCalCOSH supporting efforts to protect and empower workers in Southern California and throughout the state. 

I carry my values around organizing working class people into my politics and believe our party must make drastic changes to meet the needs of the people. In the meantime I attempt to develop our membership and e-board in any means available  so we can continue to grow and contribute to the movement before us.

Fun Facts

  1. Eddie loves (and is possibly addicted to) playing competitive video games, and competitive games in general.
  2. Eddie is a Hip-hop head and pretends to be a Hip-Hop MC/DJ when the time is right.
  3. Eddie’s perfect day would be hanging with friends and pets while enjoying seafood on a sunny and cool beach.